Air Force ROTC in our area

The Reserve Officer Training Program enables students at participating colleges and universities across the nation, to obtain a commission as an Air Force officer after graduation from school. Students receive training through military science courses during the academic year and at two week camps during the summer. ROTC scholarships are available to qualified applicants. The following area universities have ROTC programs on campus:

Greater Pittsburgh Area
located at University of Pittsburgh, with students from the following campuses: Carlow College, Carnegie Mellon University, Chatham College, Duquesne University, Point Park College, Saint Vincent College, University of Pittsburgh

Penn State

University of Akron

West Virginia University

Contact your ALO for more information regarding AF ROTC or call the AFROTC Admissions Officers:

AFROTC Detachment 730
University of Pittsburgh
phone: (412) 624-6396

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Last Modified: 30 June 2012