General Information about the
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

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Both the Air Force Academy and ROTC are commissioning sources to become an Air Force Officer. Most Air Force Officers are commissioned through ROTC. In the Reserve Officer Training Corps program, an individual attends a civilian college or university and receives military training as part of the regular college experience.

ROTC Home Page
Official Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Home Page

ROTC in our area
Learn about the opportunities with ROTC in our local region

Our PA Air Force Academy & ROTC Briefing
View online or download a PowerPoint presentation about the Air Force Academy & ROTC with local PA information.

Handouts for ROTC related scholarships:

Graduate Law Program Handout (236K)
A two-year non-scholarship program leading towards a guaranteed a position as an Air Force judge advocate.

Pilot and Navigator Medical Qualifications Handout (284 KB)
Applies to anyone, ROTC or Air Force Academy, who wants to be pilot.

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