General Information about the
Air Force Academy

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Air Force Academy Eligibility Requirements
Learn about the requirements to apply for an appointment to the Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy Briefing Sheets
Covers application process, tips for applicants, pilot medical standards and summer programs

PA Air Force Academy & ROTC Briefing (Version 8.45)
A PowerPoint presentation about the Academy & ROTC with local PA information.

Physical Aptitude Exam (PAE) Video (4.5 MB)
Demonstrates how to perform each test (pull-ups, push-ups, standing broad jump, basketball throw and shuttle run). Requires Quicktime. (Video courtesy of Admissions Liaison Officers of Northern California)

Local Academy Appointees
View a set of geographical list of appointees from Western PA in the past 6 years

Air Force Academy Home Page
Official Air Force Academy Home Page

Air Force Academy Admissions
A great place to get started! Read about tips for 6th to 12th grade students. See videos about the Academy. View Air Force Academy Catalog online.

Air Force Academy Application
Request for information or apply online

Air Force Academy Parent's Clubs
Learn more about parents throughout the United States who have come together to support each other during that time when their sons or daughters are away from home at the Academy. There is a local AFA Parents Association of Pennsylvania.

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